Mustard Oil

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Mustard Oil

You can see multiple ingredients in an Indian kitchen. Cooking oil is the most essential ingredient. This oil improves the flavors of food. It also provides various nutrients to your body. Human body requires all vital fatty acids to perform better. It is good to switch between different types of oils frequently to get all important nutrients. Are you looking for the perfect cooking oil? Look no further than Cold Pressed 100% Pure Mustard Oil from Nutra Divine. This oil is a symbol of pure tradition. This oil preserves the spirit of centuries old cold press extraction techniques. This golden elixir is made from selective mustard seeds. It is a symbol of purity. Let’s explore cold pressed pure mustard oil. 

Cold Pressed Mustard Oil- what is it?

Cold pressed mustard oil is produced without heat or any chemicals. Cold pressed extraction preserves all of the nutrition in the mustard seeds. This method involves grinding the seeds at room temperature. Then, they are placed in a press. Here, they are slowly crushed to naturally release their oils. Cold pressed premium mustard oil has a pungent flavor. It is mostly used in Indian cuisine. It is also recognized for its vast health benefits.

Cold pressed Mustard Oil Vs. Regular Mustard Oil

These oils have many differences. Here are the key differences:


  • Cold pressed mustard oil tastes like nuts.
  • Regular mustard oil is more pungent.


  • Cold pressed mustard oil is less processed.
  • Regular mustard oil undergoes more processing.

Nutrient Retention

  • Cold pressed mustard oil retains more nutrients.
  • Regular mustard oil loses some nutrients due to processing.

Smoke Point

  • Cold pressed oil has a higher smoke point.
  • Regular mustard oil has a lower smoke point.

Extraction Process

  • Cold pressed mustard oil is manufactured at room temperature.
  • To extract regular mustard oil the seeds are heated before pressing.

Reason to Use Mustard Oil 

Adding mustard oil in your cooking can bring many health improvements. Here are the important health improvements you will get:

1. Improves Heart Health

Yes, it is important to take care of your heart. Many people will have queries in their mind about which oil is good for the heart. Yes!! Mustard oil will maximize your heart health. 

The omega fatty acids in this oil will increase healthy cholesterol. This combined effect helps in preserving a balanced lipid profile. 

You can use mustard oil if you have any heart related health issues. Get consultation from a professional doctor before using any oil for cooking. 

2. Boosts Immunity

100% Pure Mustard Oil contains loads of healthy nutrients in it. These nutrients will increase your immune power. Antioxidants in this oil helps to protect your body from oxidative stress. 

It also reduces inflammation in the body. The immune system will become stronger. You can avoid illnesses by consuming mustard oil. 

This also maintains your health. This strengthens the natural defense mechanisms in your body. To be healthy, make an effort to use mustard oil often.

3. Helps Digestion 

It is normal to have digestion problems at any age. Are you having digestive issues? Then add mustard oil in your cooking. This oil improves the secretion of digestive juices. 

This juice helps in nutrient breakdown. This results in proper digestion. Warming properties of mustard oil promote the passage of blood to the digestive tract. 

This increases overall digestive performance. Add mustard oil in your cooking to reduce the digestion issues. 

4. Improves Skin Health

Has your skin become dry? Then lack of moisture in your skin might be a reason. This can disrupt the natural barrier of skin. This condition will make your skin dry and dull. 

Sometimes your skin might be susceptible to infection. Quality mustard oil from Nutra Divine is naturally high in beneficial fatty acids. This makes it ideal for hydrating the skin. Yes!! Mustard oil has Vitamin E in it. 

This vitamin combats free radicals in your skin. Regular usage of mustard oil can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You can witness a youthful glow with mustard oil. Including mustard oil in your skincare routine can result in healthier skin.

5. Lowers joint pain and inflammation 

Do you have achy joints? Then it is time to add mustard oil to your cooking. Mustard oil has anti-inflammatory characteristics. 

It makes it an effective natural treatment for joint pain. It also reduces inflammation. The mustard oil will penetrate the skin. It will give relief to painful muscles and joints. This will increase blood flow to the affected areas. Thus it reduces pain. 

Warm mustard oil can be massaged into the joints. It will promote flexibility. It is an excellent ingredient that provides relief from illnesses. Regular use can greatly improve joint mobility.

6. Boost your Appetite 

Apart from promoting hair growth and reducing discomfort, mustard oil is good for persons who are rarely hungry, underweight, or anemic. Mustard oil might increase your appetite. 

It improves your diet routine. Nutra Divine Mustard Oil promotes the secretion of gastric juices and bile. This aids digestion and food intake. 

This natural appetite stimulant can help people maintain a healthy weight. Your body will get enough nutrition. Incorporating mustard oil into your diet can be a simple method. This method will help you to improve your general health.

Why Nutra Divine Mustard Oil?

100% Pure Mustard oil adds flavor to your dishes. It also helps you stay healthy. Regular consumption of this oil helps to battle against lifestyle diseases. So that you can live a happier life. Nutra Divine provides pure mustard oil that is ideal for the kitchen. 

This oil is made using the cold press technique. This ensures that every drop preserves its innate deliciousness. This keeps its particular aroma and nutritious value. This oil is renowned for its culinary versatility. 

Its strong flavor enriches diverse cuisines. You may enjoy both the past and the future of culinary brilliance with Nutra Divine Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil. Our cold pressed pure mustard oil is available in 4 different sizes: 500ml, 1ltr, 5ltr, and 15ltr. The 100% pure mustard oil price from Nutra Divine is affordable when compared to the other mustard oil producers in the market. Grab your bottle and go on a journey of healthy cooking. 

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